Accepted Projects for Season of KDE 2021
Title Student Mentors Completed
Kweather nikunj goyal Devin Lin Yes
Plasma Firewall chirag goyal Lucas Januario No
foKus Sai Moukthik Konduru Devin Lin Yes
Improved Network Applet Raveesh Agarwal Jan Grulich No
Calamares Mini-Projects Completion + Issue Resolution Anubhav Choudhary Adriaan de Groot Yes
Plasma Discover rpm-ostree backend Mariam Fahmy Aleix Pol Gonzalez Yes
Kalk - Additional features and a binary calculator Rohan Asokan Han Young Yes
KClock: Produce default alarm/ringtones Yash Walia Devin Lin No
Kdenlive - Seperate Widget for Bin folders Vivek Yadav Massimo Stella No
Add PDF, OCR and Multi-page scanning feature to Skanlite and make it Mobile Friendly Smit Patil Carl Schwan No
Add Sources of Data and Automate their Collection rohan reddy Paul Brown Yes
KWeather: Implement global weather alert system using the CAP protocol Anjani Kumar Han Young Yes
Support Reading/Creating Interactive Fiction Comic Books Mahmoud Khalil Dan Leinir Turthra Jensen Yes
Create a Unified Application for Posting to Social Media Platforms Manav sethi Paul Brown Yes
Adding support for video annotation to marK Pranav Gade Caio Jordão Carvalho Yes
New website for Okular Pablo Marcos Carl Schwan Yes
Create a Data Visualisation Dashboard Sankalp Das Paul Brown Yes
Bump all Python code to Python 3.6 on Calamares Hitesh Kumar Adriaan de Groot No
Documentation: port the docs from github pages to the Jekyll website Rachitt Shah Adriaan de Groot No
Port KDE Docs (docs-kde-org) site to Hugo for better outreach and visibility. Suraj Kumar Mahto Carl Schwan, Anuj Bansal Yes
Add support for audio annotation in marK jean lima andrade Caio Jordão Carvalho No
Improve technical documentation Claudio Cambra Carl Schwan Yes